Videowall and resolutions

Hi there!
I’me setting up a videowall 2x1 with 16:4,5 screens. it’s individual resolution is 1920x540 but in videowallmode, is the same.
I’m palyig the video but the look squeezed top/bottom direction.
So, I’m trying to overide screen dimensions on android player.
I have 2 CMS versions: 1.8.2 and 1.6.4
When i connect to 1.6.4, i have much more options on the player, namely the override, but not when i connect to 1.8.2
My ideia was to create a 1920x1080 layout, put the content in 1920x540 and show the upper half, overriding the screen.
How can i do such?

In 1.8 (or even in 1.7 for that matter) most of those settings were moved to the CMS display profile, there you can set the player dimensions, offset etc.

ie Display Settings page -> Edit display profile assigned to your device -> Location tab.

In general with video wall, you will want the layout, player, screen and content to all match the same resolution (or at least aspect ratio), especially if some of the content should cover all screens.

Thanks a lot Peter!
I found those settings you mentioned but still didn’t work. Hardware issues?
I guess i found a worlaround to solve this that might help others in the future:

Set up a 2x2 videowall on the screens (streched professional screens 16:4,5)
Set screens as number 1 (left) and number 2 (right)
Create a template 3840x1080
Create a region 3840x540
Put the content produced in the 3840x540 in the upper region
Done! :smile: