Video won't play properly on 4k monitor

Player Version

windows 3 R302.4-302


Player plays 1080p and 720p videos perfectly when connected to an HD monitor but stutters horribly when playing the same videos on 4k monitor. If I play the same videos from the desktop in Windows Media Player they play just fine - even 4k videos play fine this way but not through Xibo. I have even had a video playing in Xibo and opened another desktop on the same device and played the same video using windows media player and it will play perfectly in Media player and stutter badly in Xibo. The short version is I can’t get a video of any kind to play properly through Xibo if it is connected to a 4K screen. I have verified that the HDMI cable is 2.0 and all of the drivers have been updated.

Hardware is an Intel J4125 with Intel UHD600 graphics and 8GB ram. Videos are all h.264 .mp4 files in 720p, 1080p and 4k.

Of course i am not expecting the 4k video to play on this platform - although it does not through Xibo, the others should.

Is nobody else having this issue on Windows? If you are not, could you please share your hardware platform with us? Thanks.

Same for me. Xibo 2.3.14, Windows and Linux players (all versions). Partially solved with increasing number of CPU cores and memory amount via hardware upgrade

Hardware: Intel Stick, Intel NUC 8 Rugged. We bought an OEM Intel-based stick PC via Aliexpress, which give more smooth playback

I updated the graphics drivers to the version I downloaded from the manufacturers website and that seems to have solved the problem.

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