Video wall help

I’m right now setting up a grocery store we have 5 screens going across the meat Sachin would like to sync each screen together with five separate computers so when they have a big promo it would flash between all the TVs we would like to know how to do that

Video wall usually means screens connected to one device - which is achievable with Xibo, there are several topics about it, including one called video wall support.

You can of course also have 5 devices, each connected to one monitor, but in this case those will be separate displays and Xibo can’t make a perfect sync between such displays.

In 1.8 with XMR it should be theoretically possible to change layouts on all displays simultaneously, but that might not be in perfect sync - one more note, since you will have separate devices, you can’t have one big layout stretched to match combined resolution of all your screens (you’d need to cut such layout in 5 smaller layouts and schedule them to their respective displays), so if that was the idea, then it won’t work I’m afraid, for that you’d need screens connected to one device with extended desktop ie the usual video wall usage.

are you looking for all screens to display exactly the same thing? or one image split up across 5 monitors to display a whole image?

We’re doing like a menu board at a food store but we would need the menu board to change itself up so the computers need to be separate

It’s like if you want to McDonald’s their menu board they have separate computers for all the screens

That should be fine then, you’d have 5 separate screens each with one player attached to it.

Each display could display different default / scheduled layouts.

The only small inconvenience could be if you’d want to have the same layout on all screens to suddenly show up in perfect sync - although that should be really close with 1.8 series and XMR.

I’d say separate scheduled events for each display and then add all displays to one displayGroup, when you will need to show the same layout / campaign on all of them for a set period of time, then you’d schedule this event to whole display group with higher priority than your usual schedule.

And when each display would be playing it’s scheduled layout / campaign, you could adjust the layout durations so each screen would move to next layout at the nearly the same time (again, that won’t be perfect sync, but should be close).