Video problems showing


We have some layouts with a local video inside it, in 1.8.11 there was no problem with it.
But now with 1.8.12 the video will play but zoomed in a lot.
We use android players.

Thanks for your message.

There’s no differences between 1.8.11 and 1.8.12 in the way they send local video to the Player.

Please check that the video files you’re asking the Player to play haven’t changed in format, as that may affect the playback.

You might also try playing them with an alternative media player to ensure they are as you expect.

You should also check any Scale Type setting on your Local Video widgets to ensure that hasn’t been changed. Aspect is the default and what you want in most cases.

sorry for the bad description,
We download a video and in 1.8.11 the video played good but in 1.8.12 the scale isn’t changed and when i click on preview he will show good but only on the player not then the scale isn’t good.
we have a temporary solution’s to do the video on a layout without other things on the layout.

Can you send me a PM with an example of a layout that shows the problem so we can look at it?

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Problem was with the Surface View setting in the Display Settings Profile being unsuitable for the device in use there. Switching the value resolved it.