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I installed on windows, xibo-cms-2.3.7 and the player xibo-client-v2-R255.3-win32-x86 on windows.
When I do my layout and I load videos, when playing on the player, the volume levels of the videos are not the same.
I am asking for your help in reducing the sound level of videos through xibo-cms.
Thank you

Hi Corneille, welcome to the community!

Xibo does not currently support volume control for videos, my apologies for any inconvenience that causes. You are welcome to create a feature request for volume control using this form. Making a request does not ensure the feature will be added but it does ensure that the developers will consider it as a feature.

Many Thanks.

Je vous remercie pour le retour.
Pour le moment j’utiliserai des outils externes en attendant le développement.

Merci beaucoup Ă  vous.

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