Video in small region

Dear all,

I have a background template has some small areas on it.
I am testing to put some video on there areas.Not full screen.

Does Xibo support this ?


Yes you can run video in any region - not just full screen ones.

Hi Alex,
I got a valid layout with some videos on it. But Xibo Client got error when playing it.

I am sure this layout is valid with status in CMS.

You still have 1 file waiting to be downloaded which is likely to be your video. It won’t be able to play until that download completes.

Thanks Alex,
It works. But i dont know why it take more time to download file than normal.
Just 25MB but take 15 minutes to download this layout.

The Player downloads the file as quickly as it can, so it could be a poor wifi connection or some other issue on the network between the Player and the CMS.