Video in on 32SM5KE


So we bought 1 unit 32SM5KE for testing and demos and were super excited to try out the video in module, however we didn’t quite get it to work as expected.

The content from the external hdmi source can be seen in the region. however it is only a portion of the screen. Image attached. My understanding is that the entire (100%) feed from the external source should be displayed within the region i assign to it ?

Help would be much appreciated.


So I managed to fix the issue by using V1.8R16… however now The issue which I am facing is that my display would report back as logged off when the it is actually connected to the network. Only way to make it go back online is to reconnect it to the CMS. Which would then be logged off after some minutes again. Not managing to get a stable logged in status.

Any idea on what could be wrong ?

If you’re question is about a commercial Player, then you’re best addressing that to our Service Desk who can work with you -