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Hello friends, I have a problem. I have a slide with 3 regions, in one region I have 10 images and 1 video. How can I make the video show in full screen? only the video …

First of all, Thanks!

If you have a region that is not full screen, containing the images followed by a video, it is not possible to set the video only to show in full screen.

A possible solution would be to separate the video into its own Layout, with the region set to the full size of the canvas. You could then create a Campaign that will first show your original Layout containing the images, followed by the Layout that will show the full screen video.

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Thanks! DanBW… apparently with this solve my problem…


Hi i have a same problem.
i have create 3 region . 1. for live streaming tv, 2nd info 3rd welcome text.
My problem in region 1st live streaming, i cant make full screen in this region. do you have any suggestion and what should i do??

Welcome to the Xibo Community padi82!

Your region containing the live stream appears to instead show the whole webpage rather than just the video. I went to the MyKlik website, opened a live stream and clicked the small settings cog at the bottom of the Player. there was a share option, which when I opened it I discovered this:

As you can see, there is not an embeddable version of these Live streams, they can only be viewed on the webpage. Because there is not an embed option, I cannot see how you would show just the video and not the rest of the webpage.

You could try contacting MyKlik to find out if they have any advice on how to use just the stream from their website. I hope they can help you with a solution.

Many Thanks.