Video Display, but doesnt play

Hi, i’m using the last release of Remix OS PC on custom hardware. I’m having issue with video content. The video show up, but doesnt start.( i see like the first 1 sec of the video, but doesnt move at all) CMS is version 1.7.4.

SurfaceView on or off, also use local storage option stil now luck.

Anyone as an idea what could be the source of the probleme ?

Thank you

Would it be possible to try it with 1.7.9 CMS and Xibo for Android 1.7 R62 please?

it certainly is not recommended hardware, but it probably should work.

Any CMS errors logs? or anything logged in player status window?

I dont see any erros in CMS log and in the player status. I will try to update to CMS 1.7.9 also, im already running Android 1.7 R62.

Thank you

I’ve updated the CMS to the lasted version and everything work now. Thank you

While redoing the layout, it started again. The problem must be coming from the layout.

So it did play the video one time then after layout reload it’s no longer playing, correct?

When this happens are there any errors on Xibo for Android status screen?

I can have a look at your layout, please export it, upload to dropbox/similar and share the download link with me, here or via pm.

Thank you for your help proposal, but i found out the problem in my layout.

I’m glad you did!

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