Video black - several times a day


We have the following issue:

4 Layouts in one hour (15min), every Layout play one or two Videos. Several times a day when the layout switches, the video play a half a second and then the screen is black.
(Only the Video Region) till the next layout is coming.
The Videos are in mp4 Format, 3 Mbit/s, 720 Resolution
The Layout is in Full Hd Format, the Video Region is: 1920 * 1040 above the video, NOT in the Video Region is a Ticker & Time.
Video Duration in the Timeline is 0 seconds

Server & Player Version is 1.7.7, Windows Client

What can be there?


It would be good to update CMS and player to 1.7.9 version and confirm that this issue still occurs.

Please also make sure that all drivers (GPU and others), .net etc are up-to date.

We experienced this problem with some videos not being encoded correctly. Once we re-encoded the videos with Handbrake the problem stopped.

Thank you! i think this is the problem - the videos are not in the same mp4 settings