Video and Twitter stopped again

Has something changed over the past 2 weeks? We’ve been on school break, come back today and the video plays once then stops. Twitter - There is no tweets to display… We seem to keep getting problems with this…

We are on version XIBO-CMS-1.7.6

Fixed that one for you, you do need “from:…” for it correctly work.

As for video - region loop won’t work in Windows client, I’d suggest either loop on the video itself or change the duration to 0 (automatically detect).

Thank you for fixing twitter, not sure how that got changed… The video was set to ) this morning I changed it to try and get it working., so I have changed it back to 0, it’s still not looping, this was working before half term?

Right, please set to 3600 (I don’t remember the longest duration you have) and check the ‘loop’ on the video itself - so now that it is the longest running region and loop checked it should be fine.
On the region options you can uncheck the ‘loop’.

Alternatively add new item in the region with the video, then video can stay at 0 duration.

I don’t understand and can’t get it working… I’ve tried uploading it again, set it to 0 but it won’t loop.

So on Windows client you will need to either:

a) Use two videos(the same) - ie add your video two times in one region (with duration set to 0) and they will loop just fine.
b) Use one video - set the duration for a video to be the longest duration on your layout and check the loop parameter on the video.

Side note:
On android you’d only need to check the loop on a region with 1 video item - but that’s not supported on Windows client.