Very slow loading web interface


I have problem with Xibo installation. Running on Ubuntu 16.04 (docker install), (10 screens, 1 GB library data). CMS was fine up to today . From today morning login takes 1-2 min. and after login switching between options takes another 1-2 min. I done “trucate logs” and “tidy library” - no effect. Restart server no effect aswell. If I stop docker “docker-compose stop” and then “docker-compose down” and “docker-compose up -d” server works fine for about 5 min and again problem is back (very long loading options in CMS). Tried on Chrome, Firefox, Opera with cache cleaning. Problem stays. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im sorry for my bad English.

Could you tell us your server specs please? (especially memory, cpu etc).

Could you also look at the Tasks page in CMS and see if maintenance is correctly running? (you can post a screenshot of that page here)