(v2.2.1) User deletion fails

I am using cms 2.2. 1.
I found the following phenomenon, so I will write it down.

・Deleting a user fails with the following message:.
“Unexpected Error, please contact support.”
I have tried both cms and api, and both give the same results.

As far as I checked, this problem was reported 3 months ago, but it was closed automatically.

I confirmed [report fault log] (troubleshoot.zip).
Then, I confirmed that PDOException occurred in the part of the user deletion process.

I would like to send you a log. What should I do?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your message. I can see that a number of fixes were added to the 2.2.2 CMS release to resolve User delete issues, could you upgrade your CMS to version 2.2.2 or newer and confirm if the issue persists?

Here is a link to the Upgrade documentation for Xibo CMS, plus also a link to 2.2.2 in case you would prefer to go to this version, or 2.3.2, which is the latest release of Xibo CMS should you wish to be up to date.

Upgrade Guides:

Release Posts:

Many Thanks.