(v 2.2.1) Widget permissions do not change when layout owner is changed

I am a user of cms 2.2.1
I found the following and I will write it down.


When you change the owner of a layout, the widget shows [AccessDenied] for the new owner.

・If the layout is “Public” checking it out will also update the widget permissions.

・If the layout is “Draft” and you enter the edit screen with a new user, you get an error and can’t operate it.

Thank you in advance.

We made some fixes to setting the owner in 2.2.2 - see below. Upgrading to the latest patch release when you encounter a problem is always recommended, just in case we’ve fixed your issue already.

Dan: what’s the recommended procedure for “upgrade to the latest point release” in the Docker deploy?

Is that in a Guide I haven’t gotten to yet? I’ve been having a bit o’trouble following the threads of the community Guides; any possibility I could lend some assistance on that? I’ve done lots of FOSS doco work, for K9Mail, ZoneMinder, a complete rework of the MythTV wiki about 7 years back, and a number of other projects… I can’t code well; I gotta do something… :slight_smile:

Thank you for showing me around.
I didn’t know that. Excuse me.
Thank you for your continuous support.

Hi - point releases, minor and major releases are all handled the same way with Docker - as detailed here: Upgrade Xibo for Docker Install | Xibo Digital Signage

Essentially it amounts to getting the new docker-compose file, preserving any custom changes you’ve made, and uping the containers.

No worries at all - you’re welcome!

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