(v 2.2. 1) Failed to Create Layout

I am currently using 2.2. 1.

I created a layout in user with normal permissions, but it doesn’t appear in the list.
I have confirmed the following.

*The admin privilege checked for the existence of all layouts, but none existed.

*The layout information is stored in the DB.
*I was able to access the design screen of id of the corresponding layout by specifying the URL.

I want to save this layout correctly, what should I do?

Thank you.

I confirmed that these layouts appear in the template list.

Please let me know if something is wrong.

Could you confirm the steps you are taking when creating your layouts, and check to ensure that you don’t have any filters on the Layouts page that would prevent your layout from showing.

Thank you

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Thank you, Natasha.

I think I accidentally saved the layout as a template.

I mistakenly and unintentionally used the system tag “template”.

Thank you for an answer.

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