Using Xibo with distant server

HI everybody,

I installed xibo in local machine (player and server) everything is ok; now i need to install player and server in different location. I install server in one location and player in another with this in player option: http://x.x.x.x/xibo (x.x.x.x: is the address domain of my server, i put the same key of my server) but i get always ( unable to connect to server) . How can i fixed that §§§§.
I use the last version of xibo with win7

I have the xibo installed in different locations, and i don’t need for any change of the layout to travel to do that.

Many thanks

Do you have the needed ports opened and forwarded on your router? Should need ports 80 and 443. Also need the ports open on the firewall of the server.

Without having specified these devices are actually at different locations separated by the internet, I’ll approach this as possibly the client and server were installed on the same windows machine and now they are on different machines on the same LAN.
If you browse to the CMS web interface using http://x.x.x.x/xibo , then the CMS address in the player options on the client should also be http://x.x.x.x/xibo. The key should be what you specified during the CMS installation (which can also be found under Administration -> Settings -> Configuration in the CMS web UI). The only item that could be standing in the way is a firewall on the client or the server. Please turn both off and see if that helps you out. It has cause problems for me before.


Is x.x.x.x an internet or external IP address?

Many thanks for all; this issue is resolved when using externa IP.

Thank you aggain