Using XIBO v2.2.2 no content displayed on 1.8v DSCS9 devices

Using XIBO Version 2.2.2
Created layout, assigned to device, unable to see content on said device.
Screen is blank with message
“Welcome to Xibo
Open Source Digital Signage
This is the default layout. Feel free to change it whenever you like”

The “Current Layout” column in the display listing of the CMS is blank. The previous CMS version did show what the current layout was for each display.

Several devices are logged-in and authorized.
The DSCS9 devices are all running version 1.8.
What is the issue??

Hi licensing, thank you for your message. Could you first try upgrading your Xibo for Android Player to version 2 R205 to see if this resolves the issue?

If the issue persists, please provide a screenshot of your Status page from that Player. You can do that locally at the machine or from your CMS. Here is a guide that explains how to do that:

Please note that there may be some sensitive information in your Status page screenshot that you do not wish to share publicly, so be sure to remove any URL information or send the screenshot to me privately.

Please also note that the Current Layout column needs to be set to display the current layout information in your Android Profile. You can find that setting by going to the Display Settings menu in your CMS, then click the button at the end of the Android Profile you are using and choose Edit from the menu. You should then see that on the Advanced tab there is an option named Notify Current Layout, which you can see at the bottom in my screenshot below:

Once this is set, you should find that the Current Layout column returns the Layout name:

Many Thanks.

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