Using Xibo for data that sometimes changes every ms/s

I have to make a project for trail running, so when an athlete passes a checkpoint, the time it took will be shown on the screen and wanted to know if it is possible to update datasets that are being shown on the screen very quickly, for example in 1ms, because my plan is to create a dataset when the athelte passes a checkpoint, for exemple: Name: Jon, Time:3h.

Hi and welcome,

I don’t think you’d get good results like that - Layouts/Widgets are designed with a lot of caching to improve Xibo’s reliability - so there are many cache layers you’d have to break through to do what you want. Its also designed to show things in a rotation, so you may not have the ability to ensure your Layout is showing at the exact moment you update it.

What might be better, is an API integration which creates a new Layout with a simple text Widget inside it, that is then used by a Change Layout Action.

Those are pushed immediately to the Player and shown for a period of time regardless of what else is scheduled.

We’re also planning interactive signage for version 3, which might let you do such a thing Player side, although we’re still deciding how this should work.