Using Xibo for audio announcements

I am looking to use Xibo to play audio announcements:

  • At fixed hours
  • At recurring periods between hours, with daily repetition.

I tried using the “audio” content type in the CMS and sending it to a player - to start with for diffusion at fixed hours.

However, when I do so, the short audio clip (a few seconds long) is played on repeat, until the end of the schedule (which I set to be 5 minutes).

I didn’t set the “loop if only media” nor “set duration” in the CMS.

What could be the right options to make it work as needed?

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When a layout finishes running in Xibo, and if it’s still scheduled, it will start again automatically.

If you want to prevent that, then your layout needs to last as long as your schedule.

So add an additional region to the layout, and add a text item containing say a space character (essentially an empty text item) with a duration of 310 seconds.

That will ensure that the layout starts and only runs once.

Thank you very much. I actually found this solution just yesterday evening.

Unfortunately, now that I try to schedule one to repeat every 20min by scheduling the layout with a 20 min repeat (in the schedule not in the layout), it doesn’t work (the schedule is not repeated).

I cannot figure why. Any idea?

Thank you very much,

How are you configuring the repeat?

The general process is that you define the first instance of your event, and then how often that should repeat.

So for example:

Start: Today 08:00
Finish: Today 08:05
Repeat: Per Minute
Every: 20 (minutes)
Until: Friday 17:00

Would give you every 20 minutes from this morning until Friday afternoon.

Keep in mind that a schedule only makes it valid for the layout to run at that time. If you want this to interrupt the currently running layout and show this at exactly 8am and every 20 minutes thereafter, set a value in Priority that is higher than the priority set to any other scheduled layout.

Thank you. I’m puzzled as it seems I’m doing it right. But it’s not working, so obviously not.
It works perfectly as long as I’m not using repeats. If I schedule a single event, it works. There are no other planned layouts, there is the “default” layout and this scheduled sound.

  • I created a layout, with the sound I want to play and another text region with a duration of 70 secondes. It also worked as well if I used a single region and empty sound files of needed duration after, or a longer file with silence at the end.

  • I scheduled it to repeat every 5 minutes, and it is the only event scheduled

  • Here I used some priority as suggested. I put higher priority, and higher order as higher priority alone didn’t do anything.

Still, it doesn’t work.
I tried using “overlay layout”, nothing changed.
I’m puzzled.

Thank you,

What is it doing when you set it up that way?

You’ve ticked the box “Run at CMS time”. Assuming the Players and CMS are in the same timezone, that will have no effect, but in general you don’t want that ticked, as that will ensure that the Players play events at their own local time.

If you go in to the Agenda view, what is it showing? Do the events show in there as expected?