Using windows 7, installed the signage player but it doesn't launch?

Hello Xibo Devs and Community,

Currently running Windows 7.

I installed the Windows Signage Player but it doesn’t launch. I tried clicking on the program several times but it doesn’t start. I can’t even launch the Xibo player options or set them.

Any help or guidance would be awesome, thank you.

I solved this by using the eariler version. So if anyone is having this same problem, just use Xibo Windows Client Vers. 1.6.4 rather than the latest version (1.7.4).

You can get this from their dutch site:

1.6.4 won’t register with a current CMS so it won’t solve your problem.

If the Player won’t launch then check the Windows Event Log but it’s more than likely an issue with the .net installation. Please ensure you have installed .net framework 3.5 SP1 and all applicable updates.