Using Resolution

The Resolution menu tab in the CMS allows you to Manage Display resolutions (Design Section). This would also be used if creating a single Layout that covers multiple displays.

If the default resolutions provided are not enough, you can create ones that match your specific needs.

Once a resolution is created to match the display(s) being used, you can adjust the resolution via:
Layouts … select Design … then Background option in the specific layout you are working on.

There is a pull down selector for all the available resolutions.


  • Resolution is Associated with a Layout, not “Displays” directly
  • Resolution is “virtual” it can span multiple displays (assuming you have your client machine set up for it.)

It might be easier to think of “resolution” as your “Canvas” size. Two 1024x720 Displays side by side have a canvas size of 2048x720 on which you place your background and regions.

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