Using Overlay Layout with normal layout

Hello Xibo users,

First I want to say, that xibo is a great product! Just started working with it.

Is there a way to have a overlay layout, scheduled always. With a fullscreen (news feed) layout, scheduled always, that will supress the overlay layout?

We want to use the overlay layout, so we can use differente logo’s on specific players…using the same content:

Brandx Overlay, news1 layout, fullscreen layout international news1
Brandz Overlay, news1 layout, fullscreen layout international news1

I have android players and windows players.

Im using xibo 1.8.2.

Hoping that someone can help me.


Overlay layouts as the name suggests will always be ‘on top of’ other scheduled layouts.

Yes, you can have overlay layouts with various logos scheduled to specific players and leave the rest of the content scheduled to all of them.

There is a description and a video about overlay layouts here -

One small note about Windows players, they do not support overlapping regions, you will need to keep that in mind while working with those players and various layouts.

Thank you Peter for info.

I did find a solution (only works on android devices)
Make overlay layout with a fulscreen region, add image align to top, followed by the fullscreen rss.
Standaard layout running with text and pictures, shows when the logo on top is showing.

Thanks again for your input. It got me thinking in the right direction.