Using a template to make a layout saves it as a new template

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Windows R304.1


I created a layout, saved it as a template, then used the template to create some layouts. When one of the users here tries to make a layout from the template, it saves it as a new layout. The user is in a user group that has share permission to view the template.

Any idea why this might be happening?


Hi, the user is making their own Layout based on your Template, correct?

As they don’t have edit/delete access to the Template they would not be able to make edits or delete the Template but can use it to create their own Layout (as the Template remains untouched)

If you didn’t want the user to have the right to use the Template as a basis for their own layouts then you would not give them View,Edit.Delete access.

Thanks for the reply, I just re-read my original message and realised that I typed layout instead of template, sorry for the confusion… Let me try again.

I made a template. If I make a new layout and chose that template, when I publish it, it saves it as a layout. If the user makes a new layout and chooses the template, when they publish it, it saves it as a template.

Could it be a permission thing?

No problem, that does sound a bit odd?

Could you give me the exact steps the user takes so I can attempt to recreate as it all appears to be working ok for me.
What Feature Access does this User have at present? And what Share options do they have for the Template (view only)?
What is your installation method for your CMS?

I have been playing about with this and I have managed to recreate, I have passed onto our dev team to take a closer look but will update here when I have something!


If it still helps, the CMS is running via docker on a Ubuntu server install.
The user is in a user group that has view and edit permissions for the layout.
These are the features that are enabled for the user group on the content tab


Thank you

An issue has been identified which has been recorded here:

This will be resolved in the next release.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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