Userscripts folder access

hi everybody

I would like to know if we have access to the userscripts folder in case we use the signage hosting solution
and is it also possible during the cms trial period ?

if it’s possible how we can do it

thanks for your answer

Thanks for your message.

No I’m afraid it’s not possible to upload custom code on to the Xibo Cloud Platform. You have full access to the API, and any of the features built in to the CMS, but we don’t allow you to upload your own code.

You may find this document useful:

thanks for your answer

so if i have to store scripts i have to use an another server

am i right ?

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If you need external scripts of your own then yes you would need to host those elsewhere.

It’s increasingly unnecessary though as the CMS itself caters for alot of the functionality that used to end up in that location - for example pulling in weather.