Username and Password incorrect after Win 10 Upgrade

I upgraded Windows 10 and now when trying to log on to CMS it says my user name and password are incorrect. I have tried docker-compose stop and start. Tried the down and up -d after copying the latest xibo for docker files. Still can’t log in.

Check the files in your shared directory.

What’s the date on the latest backup in shared/backup/db?

If its recent, then try stopping the containers, unsharing/resharing the C: drive in the Docker settings, and then starting them again.

latest.sql.gz has a date of 12/27/2018 which is the day i did the upgrade

I did the unshare and reshare and it said a firewall is blocking Sharing between windows containers. My firewalls are completely off right now and it says that. I did a factory reset on docker and that seemed to work for sharing the C: again. After that brought containers back up and it pulled some files. It created the containers and I started them and now I am able to log in. Thank you so much. I will remember if this happens again to reset Docker.

My suspicion then is the C: drive isn’t shared in Docker properly. Stop/down the containers, unshare it and reshare it, or do a full reset of Docker and share it again, then bring the containers up.

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