UserGroups missing after upgrade from 2.3.12 to 3.0.3

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Linux Ubuntu


Upgrade from 2.3.12 to 3.0.3 are missing some UserGroups.
I have only following UserGroups

  • Playlist Dashboard User
  • User
  • Manually create user

The upgrade was performed without error message.
With a completely new installation, more UserGroups are shown to me here.

  • Content Manager
  • Display Manager
  • Playlist Manager
  • Schedule Manger

Can I have these UserGroups created afterwards with the correct permissions?

EDIT: This System is running since v1.8.9. All updates that have been released so far have been installed.

EDIT2: I found this on a article: Pre-configured User Groups are available for new v3 installations and for users who upgrade to v3 who have not previously utilised User Groups in earlier versions!
The TestUser Group I had once created. Has apparently prevented this. Ahhhhh… S**t.


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