User Permission problem - CMS 1.8.7 Custom

I did the following:

As User “super_admin”

-> Add a new Layout “Test”.
-> Permissions for “Everyone” : View - Edit - Delete for the Layout
-> Permissions for the “Empty Region” : View - Edit - Delete

Create a new User
-> Add User -> Typ “User”. Usergroup “Users”
-> ACL for the new User. All is checkt.

Login as the new User
-> Layout “Test” -> Design
-> Edit Timeline

Region Timeline - Add Media

“Text”. “Access Denied”.
“Bibliothek”. “Access Denied”.
“Clock”. “Access Denied”.
“Save Order” : Access Denied.

Image Upload is OK.

What am I doing wrong ? I want to assign rights for a region for a user.

Best regards and sorry for my english


I wonder if that didn’t correctly assign permissions to the region timeline.

Could you repeat the test, but instead of assigning permissions only to layout and then region, open layout permissions and check the ‘Cascade permissions to all items underneath this one.’

then log in as that new user and see if you can edit everything as expected?

Then it works as expected.

But the goal was to enforce rights for one region and not for all regions.

Indeed that should work without cascade, I believe I see the problem, I’ve logged it here -

We will investigate that further.