User groups and Administrator

Hi guys,
i am wondering,
I have a user group where i have several users and i myself am the administrator.
When my users starts to add content,
do i see the content as an administrator if i am not in the group myself?

My question in direct will be,
do i control and see everything when i am the main administrator or will i miss anything?

It looks like the content added by the user group is not visible to me…


Are you ‘super admin’ or ‘group admin’?

If you’re a super admin then yes, if just a group admin then you’d need to be in that group to see content added by other group members.

Hi Peter,
thanks for the response :smiley:
I am the super admin and i have no admin account assigned to that group.
It however looks like i do not see all the content uploaded by the users of this group.

Super admin should be able to see everything, could me please remind me what CMS version are you using now?

Hi Peter,
yes, that is what i also was expecting.
I am using CMS version 1.7.8
I am going to however upgrade it to version 1.7.9 very soon but was hoping if the 1.8 would come out meanwhile.

It should be released soon (next week), if you’re thinking about switching to 1.8, you might as well wait for the release.

Thanks Peter! :smiley:
That is great news, i will wait for the next week and will upgrade to release 1.8