User/group with reboot permission only

Whats the best way to setup users or a user group that can reboot boxes only for the time being.

They would need access to commands, displays (page and to specific displays), display groups and perhaps Schedule and display profile, depending on how the command should be issued.

ok, I will give it a go. They would be just reboot command from display drop menu

question: For send commands from the CMS web GUI what permission would involve this? I can setup a user that can view those displays and or groups but access is denied when command send attampt is made.

As I mentioned earlier, pages Commands, display group and display
and permissions to the display itself.

^ that’s assuming you’re using 1.8 CMS.

I’d need to see the error log you get when that attempt is made to see why it fails.

Ok i think I got it figured out.