Use a directory to show the files inside?

Can I design a layout in which PDF files or JPG files are displayed in chronological order and a user can change them as needed? So a directory whose content should be displayed and every 15 sec. Switches between the files in the directory?
Is this possible?


Thank you for your message. It is not possible to set a directory for your Layout to use to cycle through content. Any media items that will be displayed by the Player will need to be individually added to your Layout.

Many Thanks.

This is possible if you use an embedded web page, in other words you must develop a web page (Choose programming language that you prefer).

I’ve already done it. :smiley:

I think that you can use dynamic playlist to achieve that but you must upload file to Xibo
With a good naming rule for exemple:

The playlist filter should be Mylist1
And the number at the end should give you the order for displaying

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