Upload list does not appear when adding files to library

I wanted to add a image in the library, I clicked add files button on add new image form, then I selected a local image, but the upload list did not appear. Same for others file types.

Tested with OS: W10 and W7, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Any idea? Installation or configuration error?

Could you go to Report Fault page in CMS

first check if there are any (X) there, then enable debugging
recreate the issue, ie try to upload new file
check logs page / save the log file (report fault page)

There is no errors, only one recommendation (Large File Uploads)

And this is log detail

Any idea about this issue?

Unable to commit \rollback that doesn’t look good.

If there is nothing more in CMS logs, perhaps you’d need to look in your web server logs, it seems something is preventing the CMS to work properly.

To be absolutely sure it’s a CMS thing, you might want to order demo CMS Instance hosted with us (Spring Signage) connect your device and see how it will look there.

All files uploaded again and now works fine. :slight_smile:

hm I see, not sure what went wrong there, but I am glad it’s fine now :slight_smile: