Upgrading versions

Do I have to upgrade versions in a step up process?

Thank you.


I’ll assume you are talking about CMS, it should be fine to upgrade it to 1.7.4 in one step.
It might be a bit safer to update it to 1.6 then to 1.7.4 (if you are using 1.4 series).

Please have a look at corresponding release notes for upgrading steps.

Thank you very much. We are actually on 1.2.2, yes embarrassing…lol
I will read into your link. Thank you for your time and help.

1.2.2 well that’s amazing :smile:

Anyway as upgrades go I think we would recommend
1.2 > 1.4 > 1.7.4

As you already know all the release notes with upgrades steps etc. are in link in my previous reply.

Best Wishes!

Ok, sounds like a plan. Thank you very much for your advise!!