Upgrading the player to the newer version remotely

Hi guys,
i have been wondering a bit about this,
can we remotely upgrade Xibo player after upgrading the CMS?
If yes,
is it possible to use CMS to send the new version of the player to the players?

If no,
how do you guys usually do the upgrade?


If you have remote access via lets say teamviewer then yes you can install new Xibo version on your device.

As for upgrading via CMS, it’s possible on rooted android devices - please see 'Auto-update on Rooted Devices’section here Upgrading Xibo for Android

Thanks Peter!
that means if i have 50 displays, i have to do 50x upgrades by logging into them one by one correct?

We plan to run a “silent install” on our Windows systems. We haven’t tested this yet with the Xibo MSI installer but I assume it will work. If not, there are programs that can take a before/after snapshot of a Windows system and create an installer for you.

We plan to send the installer to our Windows systems as a ‘genericfile’ type using Xibo CMS. We will then use a Xibo Shell Command to execute the installer. In all likelihood we’ll do a little extra command line coding to verify a few timestamps or the existence of new files just to double-check that it worked.

I’ve no idea if the plan outlined above will work, but that’s our approach if it works.

your idea of sending as generic file and executing with shell command sounds good.
Did you have chance to do it?
if yes,
could you please give us some details?

Many thanks

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Sorry for the late reply. In fact, we have not yet. We anticipate later this summer or early Fall we’ll move from 1.8RC1 to 1.8x. Right now, the RC version works for us and we don’t have time to plan, test and deploy a change. Once we do, though, we’ll be sure to post here how we did it.

Hi Peter,
thanks for the response :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

Just came across this thread, while searching for silent install for Windows Client. As it’s been almost a year, has any progress been made?

FYI I’m getting significant pushback from my clients when I ask them to either open up ports on their router (VNC-style access) or have them be the remote driver. In my case, the clients are not tech savvy and are widely dispersed throughout the country, so a silent/remote install option via the CMS would alleviate a huge operational problem for me and improve CSAT considerably.


How to upgrade the player in xibo webos player

I have included a link below on how to upgrade your Xibo for webOS Player:


Many Thanks.