Upgrading from 1.8 - rc2 to 1.8 stable version

I have Xibo1.8 rc-2 installed on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS through docker installation. What steps should be taken to replace it with the stable version of Xibo 1.8 with docker installation?

This is documented in the manual:


Hi Dan,
are you referring to the following steps in documentation?

"We have removed launcher in favour of Docker Compose. Docker Compose supports a wider variety of platforms and is the official Docker implementation.

This means that upgrading from any 1.8 release to 1.8.0-rc3 will require the following additional steps:

./launcher stop
Take a backup of your DATA_DIR, launcher and launcher.env
./launcher destroy
Replace the contents of your Docker files with the new release archive for 1.8.0-rc3
Copy config.env.template as config.env
Open both launcher.env and config.env in your preferred text editor
Transfer CMS_DATABASE_PASSWORD from launcher.env to MYSQL_PASSWORD in config.env
docker-compose up"

If so, I can’t seem to find DATA_DIR, could you please tell me where to look for it? Also, does it mean that I still have to follow the usual docker installation steps before following the additional above steps?
Thank you, sorry if I sound too noob, I’m trying to learn Ubuntu, Docker and everything else that comes along Xibo at the same time.
Your help is greatly appreciated.

DATA_DIR is a variable which you would have configured in launcher.env

If you left it as default, it’ll be “shared” in the same directory as launcher and launcher.env

To upgrade, all you do is follow these steps to convert to docker-compose using the 1.8.0 release docker-compose files, and the upgrade will happen as part of that.

Great, thank you very much for your help!

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