Upgrading from 1.7.9 to 1.8.2

When upgrading a working 1.7.9 installation to 1.8.2 docker with external sql server, I get the following error:

Step 8: 1.8.0-alpha Convert Page Permissions SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘groupId’ in ‘field list’

Step 8 is the first step on the upgrade web page.

I also tested running with mysql in the docker, same problem.
With sql in docker, i get this messages when starting docker:
cms-web_1 | MySQL started
cms-web_1 | Attempting to import database
cms-web_1 | Importing Database
cms-web_1 | Configuring Database Settings
cms-web_1 | Setting up Maintenance
cms-web_1 | DBVersion
cms-web_1 | 94
cms-web_1 | Updating settings.php
cms-web_1 | Configuring Backups
cms-web_1 | Configuring Maintenance
cms-web_1 | Running maintenance
cms-web_1 | Unable to run upgrade step. Aborting Maintenance Task.Starting cron
cms-web_1 | Starting webserver

What’s the history of your 1.7.9 installation?

Has it had any manual patches, code edits or database edits done to it prior to you attempting the upgrade?

No, it is an upgrade from 1.7.6 recently done. In the past it was upgraded from some early version with linux player. But 1.7.6 have been working without any problems. 1.7.9 has only been installed a few months.But no special edit/patches.

I’m happy to take a look here for you.

Can you please stop the containers (docker-compose stop), and then zip/tar up your entire install directory (ie your docker-compose files, and the shared folder), and send them over to me.

I can then have a look here.

I’ll DM you with details of how to send the files to me.