Upgrading from 1.7.5 to 1.7.6

Hello all,
Today I upgraded the cms to 1.7.6.
I use ubuntu server 14.04. I canceled the old installation folder, and install the new version. I followed the instruction, but at the end of upgrade, I got message said: upgrade succesfull but later i discover notification:
There is a problem with this installation. “install.php” should be deleted.

Now, If I deleted the install.php, the notification disappear but I got a warning in:
Report a fault with Xibo: Write access required for settings.php and install.php

The system seem work fine, but i am afraid about this warning message can hidden some problem. Any Help?


I replied to your ticket with us.

Basically you’d need to check permissions on your web server and make sure it has correct (read/write) access to settings.php file