Upgrading clients to newer versions

Hi to everyone,

I’m upgrading CMS to 1.8.1 and I want to try XMR options, but I’ve got a question.

I’ve got right now 15 clients with 1.7.X client version. If I want to use XMR, I think I have to install client 1.8.X to each screen to make it work.

If in the future I have, imagine, 60 screens and I want to use someting new on 3.X.X xibo version, will I have to install the newer client version on all screens?

Hopefully I’ve explained the situation well enough. It’s difficult to install new client versions if you have loads of screens. Is there another option to make a 1.7.X client version work with XMR or new specs without having to reinstall the client?

Thanks a lot!


Windows clients needs to be updated manually on the PC (or via remote access of course)

Android clients (root required) can be upgraded via CMS.

General idea is to always use CMS and players in the same version.

Thanks for the answer!

Is it on the future plans to make CMS being able to upgrade Windows clients automatically like on Android?
Would be great if somebody have 300 clients to upgrade, for example.