Upgraded to 1.7.4 and nothing works

I just upgraded our server installation from 1.4 to 1.7.4 and am working to create some new layouts and nothing seems to be saving. It has saved the layout but when I add regions and size them, click on save position and then try to add content to the timeline nothing happens. If I click on the background settings for the layout and change the background image and click save, it just sits showing a spinning gear and never does anything else. When I close out and come back in to the layout, the number of regions I created are there but all the default size and on top of each other. Any help please.

Also, I tried to upgrade an existing layout and it just sat there never completing or erroring out that I can see from the web interface.


It’s seems like php settings aren’t quite right (‘spinning gear’), what do you see on the Report fault page?


Make sure you’ve cleared your browser cache, and that when you did the upgrade you deleted the old 1.4 CMS installation files (ie you didn’t just extract 1.7.4 over the top of the old installation) as doing that will cause problems.

So I decided to scrap the old install completely and start new. All is working great with the new install of the latest release.