Upgraded 1.7.9 to 1.8.1: What about my media?

Hello everyone, good morning!

I’ve just upgraded my installation from the latest 1.7 build to the latest 1.8.1. After some fidgeting – I’m using the non-Docker installation – I’ve managed to complete the upgrade process. My lay-outs are all there, but the one thing missing is the media. I’ve copied my ‘upload’ folder from the 1.7.9 to 1.8.1, and in the settings the media path is also still set to ‘upload/’. In the media manager however, no media is displayed.

What am I missing here?

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Are only the thumbnails missing, but if you try to download the file that does work?

Did you try to clear the browser cache?

The path you put in the CMS settings must be fully qualified (ie /path/to/upload/ or c:\path\to\upload/. It should not be relative.

Hello Peter,

The media doesn’t show up as thumbnail, nor does it show up in the layouts.

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Then it’s most likely the issue Alex has explained, ie your CMS library path needs to be a fully qualified path.

Could you please check that and correct it?

Hello Peter and Alex,

I’ve set the path to a fully qualified path, but no luck. (I made it end in a forward slash, I hope that’s fine too.) The thumbnails are missing, and the lay-outs don’t show the media.

The config line:

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Here you can see a lay-out with missing media:

Still no luck in the media section either:

Hello everyone,

I made it work. Trick was to upload a single file (after correcting the path). It created the folder and sub structure. Then I added the original upload folder contents. All media showed up.

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