Upgrade help w/o Docker - server error

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’ve successfully installed and used Xibo in two different instances on different servers. Now, I’m trying to upgrade and getting stuck.

The problem was that my shared hosting service forced me to move to PHP 7.2, and my (very) old install broke… but they also won’t let me install Docker to put in the latest version. So I’m trying to install the old fashioned way. I made the adjustment for 1.8.11 of making the document root the /web folder, and when I navigate to the subdomain, the URL changes to '…/install/" So, it seems like I’m on the right track, but then I get this:

I’m not sure where to start in troubleshooting this error… any guesses would be greatly appreciated. I realize this is not the ideal installation method, but I’m trying to hold off on changing hosts/servers (or signage software) as a last resort.

Thank you!

Double check the file permissions on your web directory and PHP files, as this is a common reason in my experience for the 500 error.

Check your PHP log file for more information. If you search for “PHP error 500 file permissions” you’ll find guides from a number of hosting providers (like this one) that can help you troubleshoot. If your hosting company offers a control panel like cPanel, there’s usually a facility to view your error logs.

if you are using UBUNTU SERVER and or have access to SSH with any other linux server i can help

All the folders had unpacked with 705 permissions… not that it’s a huge difference, but I went ahead and changed them all to 755; no luck with the error message.

It was definitely a good place to start, though, thanks!

Anything in your web server or PHP logs?

did you give ownership to www user name aka www-data for that folder for write permission…if you are using your own server or have access to ssh connection using putty, let me know i can give a simple instruction to setup xibo with docker within 30 minutes