Upgrade 1.8 RC1 to 1.8 RC2 - keeping my layouts

HOW to ??

I dont want to loose my layouts !! Export of layouts is not possible, there is an open bug, i work with Firefox, no download of any export-file.happens

I think i have to upgrade my Server from RC1 to RC2 since i have installed the Player RC2, but not started up to now before upgrading the Server.

please help.

Updating steps can be found here - http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/upgrade.html

If you’re using docker installation, please refer to the docker guide (it’s linked in the above manual page as well).

most of these steps are for Linux, but i made a backup of the whole xampp.

After upgrade RC1 to RC2 ALL OF MY LAYOUTS WERE GONE !!

Note: I DID NOT upgrade from 1.7.9 to 1.8, I wanted to upgrade 1.8 RC! to RC2

after restoring xampp, i still have RC1, but all my layouts are here.

I’m seeing an issue like this as well. I upgraded from 1.7.9 (which was upgraded from previous versions) and all of my layouts are missing. I’m pretty sure they reason they are missing is due to this error message I receive when going to the layouts section:

I receive the same Ajax error on the Library → Media section too:

Can you try to clear your browser cache? It sounds like a simple cache issue - your layouts are still there (nothing during that upgrade deletes any layouts).

Hi Dan,

Thats it !!

After upgrade from 1.8 RC1 to RC2 I deleted all Cache of Firefox and started xibo_admin again.
all layouts are listed

Tests are going on…

Thank you and greetings from Austria

I tried clearing the cache in both firefox and chrome and I still get the same error. I’m now wondering if some of the old entries from previous upgrades are what is causing the issue. I know the layouts are still there as I can see them when I look through the DB directly but I don’t know how to track down this problem.
FYI I’m seeing this at the Layouts, Log, Media, Modules, Statistics, Tasks and Users menus.

If you are seeing that on every page (not just layouts) then it is unlikely to be an issue with the upgrade. The calls to the CMS which refresh the table data are failing and this is almost certainly cache related. I.e. your browser has an older copy of the JavaScript than the CMS expects it to.

If you are able to provide a link to your CMS (and a login) I can take a look?

I don’t have this system on a publicly addressable IP.
Also, I don’t think this is a cache issue as I have tried it with multiple browsers (firefox, IE 11, chrome) on multiple computers including one I have never logged into before and I get the same error message.

Understood - however that does make it hard to help :slight_smile:

Have you been able to enable the logging? The fault page in the CMS purposely doesn’t use any fancy JavaScript to render its content, so it should (in theory) render and allow you to step through the process of collecting logs? Could you try that please?

Also - if you are familiar with Chrome Developer Tools, you could look on the Network tab when you load a page. There will be a set of responses there, the last one of which is generating the error you see. Can you get a screenshot of the “Response Preview”?

It would look like this:

I have selected “Network” and then “XHR” and then refreshed the Layout page I am on - i’ve then selected the request in the list and clicked on “Preview”.

I have the log level set to “Error” and can’t change it because I get a 404 error.

Using the Chrome Developers Tools I can see that there is a pretty crazy query sent:

I’m not sure how or why that statement gets run from clicking on the layouts section.
I am also thinking that when I do upgrade to the stable release of 1.8 that I’m going to start over from scratch and just import some existing layouts. :wink:

You haven’t got URL rewriting configured correctly by the looks of it. I wouldn’t expect to see index.php in your URL string (although this would work with correct config)

There is a section on URL rewriting in the manual - if you are using Apache then in theory the .htaccess file we ship will do the job. Otherwise see here: http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/install_environment.html#url_rewriting

I took care of the URL rewrite config (I’m hosting this on IIS btw). I still get the same error it just looks nicer:

Its still got index.php in the URL, which is not correct im afraid.

What URL are you using the in address bar? It should be signage.architecture.vale.edu/layout

I just logged out completely, cleared the cache and opened the browser to http://signage.architecture.yale.edu/ which is the root for this install. The index.php is no longer part of the URL but I still have the same error popping up. If I select Campaigns everything loads fine but if I select Layouts I receive this:

Does this only effect the Layout page now? Previously you mentioned the below pages also:

You may be hitting the max query string size - can you try applying this config to see if it is that? http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/install_environment_windows_iis.html#max_query_string

Hi Rob,

If you are using XAMPP or IIS, try to increase the below value.
Maximum Query String (Bytes) to 4096 (otherwise you will get datatables.ajax error)