Upgrade 1.74 to 1.82 - Error converting datasets


As I am in the progress of testing my upgrade process I run in to the problem that the upgrade process stops at “Step 65 - Convert existing DataSets” telling me my data is not compatible:

“Existing data is incompatible with your new configuration”

Are there any restrictions on the datasets to be correctly converted? I searched for it,but couldn’t find it.

Thank you.

Is that installation on a webserver and 1.8 will run on a webserver as well? (ie non-docker installation)

I don’t think I’ve seen this particular error before, perhaps @dan will have some idea what can you do about it.

Hi Peter,

It is an upgrade from manual installation (1.74) to a docker installation (1.82).

It is running on a Ubuntu 16.04 server. (The old 1.74 installation is running on another server.)

Does this info help?

I see, in this case you were following the instructions here? http://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/upgrade_switch_to_docker.html

That’s a definitely valid thing to do, unfortunately I’m not sure what exactly may cause the dataSet error on upgrade, that’s why I’ve mentioned Dan, he should reply once he will have a moment.

What do you have in your dataSets in 1.7.4? I’m not sure why would it be incompatible, but perhaps it would help to know what do you have in them.

Edit. I believe there was a problem (on upgrade) in 1.8.1 when dataSets had list content, but I believe that was fixed in 1.8.2 to which you’re upgrading now.

Yes, that is the manual I was following.

I have about 50 datasets, all with about max 10 rows.

I allready encountered a problem that some did not have a description, or the description of the dataset was the same as another. I renamed the descriptions for these datasets by hand in the database to be imported.

The strange thing is, some ( about 8 ) datasets are imported correctly.

All data in the datasets is just plain text and numbers. (All strings) No list are used as far as I can see.

Hi Peter or Dan,

Any ideas about this upgrade problem yet? Thank you in advance.

Is it a Docker-based install? If so, we can take a copy of your data and then run it up here and see if we can see what the issue is.

Hi Alex,

The old installation was a manual 1.7.4 installation. The upgrade is to 1.8.2. in Docker. What I wanted to try myself was upgrading to 1.7.9 manual and then to 1.82 in Docker.

If I can send you something, no problem, please let me know what you need. (And if it is needed that the upgrade process is allready ran or not.)

Thank you.

Our recommendation is to go to 1.7.9 before trying to upgrade to 1.8, as that’s the best tested route. So I’d try that locally first, and failing that, we can have a look at your data here.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the information. I will try that and then report back.