Upgrade 1.6 to 1.7 Problem

Hello , I have an installation of Xibo 1.6.0 - rc1 and have to migrate to 1.7.4 After bakup db 1.7.4 , copy files to the same folder and restore settings.php file , the login page is the page oldest ( 1.6 ) and after logging nothing It happened only blank page ? Where did I go wrong?

You need to remove all the old files from your 1.6 installation (except the CMS library), then extract a fresh copy of 1.7.4, then put your settings.php file back and go to the web interface. It will then prompt for an upgrade.

Please do what Alex suggested, for future reference, after each release we have a new page in the manual with details and upgrade notes - release notes 1.7.4.

I’ve done this but nothing happens always login older and blank page. www.dsdatasi.it/xibo160

So when I visit your link I get a 500 server error.

You need to check in your server logs to see why it’s giving an error, but my guess would be your version of PHP is too old, or you’re missing some of the modules required to run Xibo in the newer version.

PHP Version 5.4.44
Server error I was trying to change permission… now it’s ok

Right so now your permissions are OK, if you follow the upgrade instructions in the release notes it will allow you to upgrade.

Thank you Alex,
I try to install new instance of xibo and get this error
X ZIP This enables import / export of layouts.
Mybe this error stop the upgrade process

You need to ensure the php zip module is enabled before it will allow you to install as this is now required. The same is true for all the other requirements in the list.

Alex thank you for you help, the problem was ZIP module not enabled, now I have succeeded to upgrade version.

Great news, in this case I’ll close this topic.