Updating media via design view

Hi There,

if we want to update i.e. an updated PowerPoint to a existing media object i get an error when im using the design view…
[Media you own already has this name. Please choose another.]

But i want to upload an updated version so the name should/could stay the same

The error also occurs when both options are marked:

[ ] Update this media in all layouts it is assigned to?
Note: It will only be replaced in layouts you have permission to edit.
[ ] Delete the old version?
Completely remove the old version of this media item if a new file is being uploaded.

Though when doing the same via the media section. it just uploads fine…

Looking forward for your reply.

though when update


It should work from both library and design/edit timeline.
What CMS version are you using?

Side note about PowerPoint

Hi Peter,
Im using Xibo 1.7.4. Linux.
After some investigation it seems it uploads the files but not updating the timeline.

anyone a clue about this issue

Hi Marek,

It does work for us ie. it is uploading new file and replacing the old one in the timeline (or in all layouts if that checkbox is ticked). It doesn’t matter if we do this from library or directly in the layout’s timeline.

That means it should work, perhaps it has something to do with permissions, could you enable debugging in CMS, recreate the issue and upload log file here?
How to enable debugging:
Go to Report fault page -> turn on debugging button -> recreate the issue -> collect and save data button.

You may want to ‘censor’ any sensitive data from that file before uploading it here.