Updating issues and reliability in general

Hi there,

We recently set up a small Xibo network for an internal multi-location office tv board. We’ve encountered all kinds of frustration with this - some of our own negligence, others seem to be software/client related and we’re getting pretty frustrated.

In short, we have a default layout assigned to 10 Android clients. The clients are licensed (an issue we messed up initially - wrong email address) and appear to be solid in their wifi connectivity.

We had to update several images in the default layout - something that I think would be a regular task for a system like this. Despite all kinds of trial and error - re-uploading the images in the media, making sure to check the boxes for delete old versions and update all layouts - doing this many many times - rebooting the clients, clearing the cache on the clients in some cases - despite all this, several of the clients continue to display improper old images.

Now - I JUST got fed up and went into the layout and completely unassigned and retired the images in question. Looking at the display list they all appear to be up to date. What do I now see? BLANK screens where those images used to be for the time period the old slides used to occupy.

Anyone have any help on this?

Few questions.

What CMS and client versions are you using please?

What collection interval do you have?
What durations on your layout do you have?

CMS : 1.7.6
Client : android / 1.7
collection interval: varied - testing at one minute so we don’t die a slow painful death waiting for changes to become visible. Had it in practice at 5 minutes or higher
layout intervals… 20 to 30 images… 10 to 15 seconds each maybe?

I should add: It seems the blank holes disappeared after a layout cycle or two - so that’s good.

I am concerned still about the inability to update images in the layout though. If it helps, one other piece of info: When I went through the layout to retire and remove the offending slides, I noticed that several (maybe all) had broken images where the thumbnail should have been. Likely/possibly related?

Definitely updated the proper media in the media section and deleted old/applied to layouts however. Many times :slight_smile:

It’s not a known issue. I’ve just tried an update image and it worked as I would expect on 1.7.7.

What sometimes happens is people update the image not ticking the box to replace it (or the person doing the update doesn’t have permission to all the layouts). Then subsequent attempts to update fail because the image you’re replacing is no longer one in the same with the image left in some/all of the layouts.