Update Xibo Player via CMS

it’s possible to Update Xibo Clients via CMS?
In the last Posts ist possible at rotted Android Devices.

Any Change in the Version 1.8.11?
If It works, how it works?

Also it seems that the “z-Index” doesn’t work anylonger at windows Clients.
I’ve test it in diverent Player-Versions.
In the Layout one Picture has “z-index =1” the other Picture “z-index=2” (or higher) but just the first generated region is on the top. In the Preview it’s right (Chrome and IE) but at the Client it doesn’t work. The Registry at the clients is Changed til the CMS Version 1.8.0 where Chrome not longer supported.

Thanks Dennis

Android and webOS can be updated from the CMS. Windows can’t be.

Overlapping regions have never been supported on Windows. They will be when the next generation Windows Player releases in the future, but not in 1.8 series.