Update xibo 1.8.3 to 1.8.9

I am being really stupid here but, I am trying to update my Xibo to 1.8.9, but for the life of me I cannot remember where I copy the new files to , I am using xampp and the install location is "server/C:/xampp/Xibo/ do I replace the full Xibo folder with the new one and then replace the settings.php file

It depends.

You’d at least need to copy over the library too if that’s inside the same directory, along with anything from any of the custom folders. But broadly what you say is right for a custom install.

Make sure to take a database backup as that’s not done for you (as it is with a Docker install).

Hi alex the issue is when im putting the new install in the URL is not responding, and I cannot get to the web front, using xampp I am correct in saying I replace the whole Xibo directory from inside the xampp folder then place the settings.php into that new folder

I replace all this correct?

Yes you would rename the xibo folder to say xibo-old, then extract the new code as xibo.

Then copy xibo-old/web/settings.php to xibo/web/settings.php.

If your CMS library lives in the library directory, then you’ll need to copy/move that in to the new folder too, as well as any other custom modules, themes etc.

thanks when I looked it was not pulling all the files across so parts were missing, its done now thank you