Update status file

using windows (new version) of xibo … getting a “Failed to update status file . e The process cannot access the file " ------.json” because it is being used by another program

nothing else is installed on the PC except xibo and windows … what could cause the error ?

Thank you for your message. the error you are receiving suggests that another Process or Application is also using that status file currently. Do you have any other installations of Xibo on your PC? I would recommend making sure that you do not have more than one Player installed on the PC, just in case this is causing a conflict.

You may find that using a tool such as Microsoft Process Explorer will reveal what other Processes are accessing the file, which will help to understand the issue. I hope you are able to narrow down what on your PC is accessing that file, perhaps an antivirus may be accessing the file at that time, which could also cause a conflict like this.

Many Thanks.