Update Intervall of Dataset page?


i have a page here wich show data from a Dataset.

All works fine here but i have the problem that win player dont update Dataset Page when i update the Data on Dataset.

Sure - after 2-3 Hours it seem to update - but it should be update shorter - lets say 10 Minutes.

I have Changed “Update interval” on Dataset to 1 Minute and tryed to change Update Inteval on Screen config to 5 Minutes - but still same problem …

Is there any chance to perform a Update ?

best regards

So when you change data in dataset:
It should be immediately visible in layout designer (after refresh)
after Update interval/collection interval it should be also updated on the player.

So if collection interval is set to 5 min and dataset update interval to 10min, then in worst case scenario it should take 15 min to update (if you’d be really unlucky with timing of your edit).

Just to confirm, are we talking about 1.7.7 CMS/player?

Hi Peter

first of all thanks for fast reply…

1: Yes 1.7.7 CMS/Player
2: yes - after editing Dataset the preview show data correct
3: on Win Player the data is shown within 30-60 Minutes

I see The same case at Layouts with a HTML Page insered - also here if i change something on the external HTML Page the player takes 2-3 Hours to play it