Update fail from 2.3.12 to 3.0.7 Windows version

To be completed by the original poster:

CMS Version


Installation Method


Operating System

Windows 10 Pro


After update i only get CMS io temporarily off-line (see picture)

Xibo fail

After update the cms will not start.
I found another help topic withsame problem while updating to 3.0.0 wher the solution was to open docker-compose.yml and change image line to release30, but this will not work on this version

I tried to do docker-compose down
Docker-compose pull
docker compose up -d

when version 3.0.0 came out i tried to update, and again with later versions but always with same result

don’t work

I can go back to my old version 2.3.12 and all works fine again, but i would like to use the new version

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